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Part 2 of 4 - Hiring Process..... 


Please Read Instructions below carefully before filling out the 'Employment Application'.

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in employment with Central Florida Care Group, Inc. We are committed to distinctive quality and unparalleled expertise in the special needs of our clients and residents. If you are employed here, you will discover that the pursuit of excellence is truly a rewarding aspect of your career with this company. As a team member you must “own” the results of your contributions.

If you are sincerely looking for a position to contribute to training and care of the lives of others and a fulfilling career, please fill out the attached application. However, if you are only looking to draw a paycheck, this agency is not for you.


The following information will be required to process your application:

  • Copy of your driver’s license.

  • Copy of your social security card.

  • Level 2 background check (Federal)

  • Local background check (State)

  • Copy of Professional Resume

  • Proof of Education - Highest level degree earned (i.e. copy of High School or college diploma)

Also we will accept Copies of any certificates/credentials you may have earned:

  • CPR First Aide Training

  • Alzheimer's / Dementia

  • Choice and Rights of Individual (Bill of Rights)

  • CNA

  • HHA

  • Med Administration

  • Complete Core Competencies Training (both components: Intro DD and Health & Safety)

  • Complete HIV/AIDS

  • Infection Control Training

  • Zero Tolerance


  • Any other certificate training


Finally, you are required to take in three (3) reference forms filled out by the individuals you have listed, submitted with your application or no later than 5 days after your application date. Please make sure that you include their full address. Also, if you can contact these individuals to make them aware that Central Florida Care Group, Inc. will be contacting them.

*Please note: It is a requirement for you to own a smart phone to be hired, Thank you,.


Central Florida Care Group, Inc

Please Complete all fields. Put N/A were information does not Apply. Please Note incomplete applications will be automatically disqualified and not considered. Also if you did not pass through part 1 of 4 - Hiring Process...this application will be considered as valid....THANK YOU!!!

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